How to retrieve wedding ring from sink drain

My Wedding Ring Fell Down the Shower Drain! What Do I Do?

7 Simple Steps to Retrieve Your Wedding Ring or Other Valuable Items

  1. Whatever you do, DO NOT RUN YOUR WATER. Running it will move the item further down the drain, making it hard to reach. 
  2. Unplug or turn off any electrical hazards near the drain.
  3. Locate the pipe trap (“p-trap), the U-shaped bend in the piping
  4. Place a towel and bucket or other deep container under the p-trap
  5. Put on rubber gloves
  6. Loosen the two slip-joint nuts connecting the p-trap
  7. Remove the p-trap and dump its contents into the bucket
  8. Go fish

Once you’ve found your ring, put everything back together and run the water for a minute to ensure everything is reassembled correctly.


Ring Drain Retrieval


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If you still can’t reach your item, it’s probably further down than the p-trap. Don’t risk damaging your pipes—give Roto-Rooter Milwaukee a call instead. Our technicians arrive quickly and can fish it out in no time. We have the knowledge and sewer camera services available to retrieve your ring or other valuable item without disrupting your home or business.

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