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Tree Roots Clog Sewer Lines throughout Wisconsin

What to Do about Tree Roots in a Sewer Line


Residents of heavily-wooded Wisconsin cities like Pewaukee, Brookfield and Oak Creek know tree roots can and do clog sewer lines. Pipes in densely populated cities like Waukesha and Milwaukee are not immune to the problem, though. Trees naturally send roots out to find sources of water and sewer lines are a perfect spot to get moisture. Given enough time, tree roots will punch through almost any material or find the tiniest crack and proceed to fill and clog the sewer line. When this happens, homeowners in Waukesha and Milwaukee counties know they can trust Milwaukee Roto-Rooter to use the right products to eliminate tree roots and prevent new ones from coming in again.

Cutting Tree Roots out of a Sewer Line is Step One

There are several “home remedies” for root-clogged sewer lines, and all of them are bad ideas. Lye, bleach and salt might seem like a clever way to remove tree roots from a sewer line, but they are ineffective, not cost efficient, and may damage your plumbing. The expert pipe and plumbing cleaners at Milwaukee Roto-Rooter will use the tried and true Roto-Rooter machine to cut all roots clogging your pipes and restore proper water flow. If the tree roots are particularly thick or stubborn, our technicians can use water jetting equipment to eliminate even the toughest clog. Killing the roots currently in your pipes is only half the battle. Whether your trees are like the big, old trees in Elm Grove or the young, new trees in Franklin, they will send more roots right back into your sewer line if you do not take steps to prevent them from returning.

The Right Chemicals and Plumbing Repair for Sewer Lines Blocked by Tree Roots

You might be tempted to cut down the offending tree to stop more roots from blocking pipes, but this is an expensive, extreme solution for clogged plumbing. Milwaukee Roto-Rooter has the best chemicals for dissolving tree roots and preventing them from returning. Our plumbing professionals will treat your pipes with chemicals to kill existing tree roots and prevent new ones from growing back for up to two years. Best of all, the chemicals Milwaukee Roto-Rooter uses do not kill the tree itself, so there is no need to worry about harming your landscape. Once your sewer drain has been cleared and treated by Milwaukee Roto-Rooter, we can inspect the lines for damage with a televising camera and repair any cracks or damage with minimally invasive techniques. Businesses and homeowners throughout southeast Wisconsin count on Milwaukee Roto-Rooter to remove tree roots from their sewer lines and keep them out for years to come.

Contact the tree root removal experts at Milwaukee Roto-Rooter and get the roots out of your sewer line today.
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