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Roto-Rooter Milwaukee Drain Cleaning Service

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24/7 Immediate Drain Cleaning Services

The residents of Southeast Wisconsin rely on Roto-Rooter’s drain cleaning services in WaukeshaOzaukeeMilwaukee and Washington counties. Whether it’s maintenance, repair, emergency services, or otherwise, the professionally trained team at Roto-Rooter is ready to provide the solution you need. For a free estimate and same-day service, contact Roto-Rooter today!

Milwaukee Drain Cleaning Service Phone Number

Emergency Drain Cleaning, Day or Night

Milwaukee drain cleaning service

Nobody expects a clogged drain to flood their basement or laundry room in the middle of the night—that’s why our services extend beyond our operational hours to help those in desperate need. Contact us 24/7 to handle your emergency, and we’ll provide immediate relief at all hours of the night.

Our technicians are so fast and reliable that our emergency drain cleaning services were featured in the news


Sewer Drain Cleaning Milwaukee


Residential and Commercial Drain Cleaning

Whether you’re one family in a home or responsible for multiple tenants in a building, our services are geared to your needs and your budget. We’ve earned out outstanding reputation as the leading Southeast Wisconsin drain cleaner by providing quality services to home and business owners: it’s as simple as that.

Best Sewer Drain Cleaner near Milwaukee

We’re based out of West-Allis—but our service area stretches miles in either direction to give southeast Wisconsin residents the services they need, where they need them, when they want them. Our fully-serviced trucks are decked out with the materials and equipment needed to combat any obstacle.

Not only do we service clogged drains and sewer lines, we have the equipment necessary to locate hard-to-find underground lines and leaks, and discover blockage sources with high-tech fiber optic color camers.

No Project Too Large or Too Small

We routinely unclog bathtubs and drains, and clear out sewer lines for homeowners from Waukesha to West Bend, and everywhere between. Our drain cleaning professionals handle each job with the same amount of precision and care: from missing wedding rings to overflowing basements and drains. Contact Milwaukee Drain Cleaners at Roto-Rooter for quick responses and professional service.

Commercial Drain Cleaning

We don’t just limit our services to homeowners—our services extend to include:

We’ll keep our extended services right up until the service area limits: for any job, any property, every time.

Call Roto-Rooter Milwaukee 24-hours-a-day for effective drain cleaning results.

There's a reason why more Americans rely on Roto-Rooter than any other drain cleaning company. With Roto-Rooter you get experienced professionals who show up at YOUR convenience and solve your drain problems without taking too much time out of your day.

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