Sewer Jetting Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning near Milwaukee

At Roto-Rooter, we power through the toughest clogs with advanced sewer jetting. If your home's drains run slowly or you experience recurring backups, our high-powered hydro jet drain cleaning service can help. Our professional sewer and drain technicians use state-of-the-art water jetting equipment to blast away years of accumulated grease, soap buildup, tree roots and other gunk obstructing your pipes. We have over 80+ years of experience - work with the best!

Milwaukee sewer jetting for sewer backups

Sewer Jetting Services in Milwaukee

Sewer jetting, also known as hydro jet drain cleaning, is a technique used to clear blockages and clean sewer lines using high-pressure water. Our high-pressure water jets will decimate those drain-clogging culprits and get your drains flowing freely again. 

The professionals at Roto-Rooter put some power behind the water, giving it the extra boost needed to blast through lime, minerals, scale, and other deposits that may be stuck in your pipes. The best part is that we aren’t restricted to just one zoning area. We clean pipes throughout Milwaukee County and its neighbors' residential, commercial, and municipal areas.

Snaking a high pressure water jet to clear sewer blockages

Free Quotes for Hydro Jetting Near Milwaukee

Looking for professional hydro jetting services in the Milwaukee area? Get peace of mind with our free quotes for hydro jetting services near Milwaukee. Our experienced team is ready to provide you with competitive pricing and expert solutions for your drain and sewer cleaning needs.

Why Hydro Jet Draining Cleaning?

Snaking a pipe is great for hard substances, since snaking breaks up the materials, allowing the flow of water to resume. However, snaking isn’t good for softer materials. With grease, minerals or other build-ups, snakes poke a hole through the blockage but leave much of the deposit in the pipes when the snake is pulled back through the clog. High-pressure water jetting does not have this drawback. It breaks up the clog, and blasts the entire bundle, in pieces, down the pipes using high-pressure water flow.

Sewer jetting machines generate water pressure ranging from 1,500 to 4,000 psi (pounds per square inch) or even higher in some cases. The flow rate of water typically ranges from 1 to 30 gallons per minute (GPM) or more, depending on the equipment's capacity. We use specialized jetting nozzles, designed to produce high-pressure streams of water in various patterns. Patterns include forward, rear, and side jets for thorough cleaning.

Benefits of Roto-Rooter Milwaukee Water Jetting

DIY snaking and other inferior drain cleaning methods only temporarily fix clogs and can lead to recurring problems. These methods won't fully clear pipes and may not be noticeable without a thorough cleaning. High-speed water jetting clears:

  • Grease and Oil Buildup: Removes stubborn grease and oil deposits.
  • Tree Roots: Cuts and clears tree roots infiltrating sewer lines.
  • Mineral Scale: Eliminates mineral scale buildup, improving water flow.
  • Debris and Sediment: Clears out debris, sediment, and foreign objects causing blockages.
  • Pipe Residue: Cleans inner pipe walls of residue from detergents and chemicals.
  • Blockages: Removes blockages caused by solid waste and other materials.
  • Bacterial and Biological Growth: Eradicates mold, algae, and bacteria.
  • General Pipe Cleaning: Maintains clean and free-flowing sewer and drainage systems.
  • Corrosion and Rust: Removes loose corrosion and rust particles for potential pipe longevity.
Sewer line preventative maintenance products for sale

Preventing Slow Draining & Drain Clogs After Water Jetting

Once our water jetting services have resolved your issue, one of our Milwaukee drain cleaning technicians will advise you on the best course of action for preventing future clogs. Along with other tips, you will be offered advice on preventative products to prevent roots, buildup and debris from further affecting your drains. For lasting drain clog deterrence, check out Roto-Rooter Milwaukee's line of drain clog prevention products.

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