Southeast WI Drain Cleaning Services

Roto-Rooter provides sewer and drain cleaning services for homes and businesses across Milwaukee, WI to maintain clear, functioning pipes. We have all the high-powered equipment and expertise to quickly solve any clogged or slow drainage issues. Don't wait for pooling water, sewage odors or slow flushing to call. Schedule regular maintenance with Roto-Rooter to prevent headaches down the road.

We provide 24/7 emergency services for urgent issues and free quotes for all customers. Trust our 80+ years of experience for all your Milwaukee drain cleaning needs.


Common Drains We Unblock

  1. Roof drains: We specialize in unclogging roof drains, ensuring proper drainage of rainwater and preventing water damage to your property.
  2. Kitchen drains: Clogged kitchen drains can be a real nuisance, but our team is equipped to clear out any blockages, allowing for smooth water flow.
  3. Floor drains: Whether it's a basement floor drain or a garage drain, we have the expertise to clear out any obstructions and prevent potential flooding.
  4. Bathtub drains: Slow-draining bathtubs can be frustrating, but our drain unclogging services will have your tub draining like new in no time.
  5. Storm drains: We offer comprehensive storm drain cleaning services to keep stormwater systems functioning efficiently and prevent flooding during heavy rainfall.
  6. Dishwasher drains: A clogged dishwasher drain can lead to water backups and other issues, but our professionals quickly resolve the problem.
  7. French drains: We specialize in maintaining and unclogging French drains, ensuring proper drainage and preventing water buildup around your property.
  8. Gutter downspouts: Clogged downspouts can cause water damage and other issues, but our team clears any blockages to restore proper drainage.
  9. Sewer drains: We have the expertise and equipment to handle even the most stubborn sewer drain clogs, restoring proper drainage and preventing backups.

Emergency Drain Cleaning in SE Wisconsin

When drains clog or sewers back up, prompt action is crucial to mitigate potential damages. Our experienced technicians at Roto-Rooter are available 24/7, 365 days a year, to quickly respond to any sewer or drain emergency. Regardless of the time, day or night, our team stands ready to tackle any crisis involving blocked sewers or clogged drains in the Milwaukee area with efficiency and expertise. We proudly provide complimentary quotes for our emergency sewer and drain services.

24/7 Emergency Service

Average Cost of Drain Cleaning in Wisconsin

The cost of drain cleaning in Wisconsin can range from $100 to $800 for homeowners. The job complexity, type of drain being serviced and the severity of the clog all play a crucial role in the final cost. Simple clogs in sink or bathtub drains may cost as little as $100 to $250, while more complex issues involving main sewer line clogs or tree root intrusions can cost $500 or more.

Other factors affecting the cost include the type of drain cleaning method used (e.g., hydro-jetting, cable machine, or chemical treatment), the depth of the clog and the accessibility of the drain line. Emergency services or after-hours calls may also incur additional fees.

How We Approach Drain Cleaning

Roto Rooter of Milwaukee's experienced technicians has access to specialized tools and techniques, such as hydro-jetting or cable machines. Our technicians will identify and address the underlying cause of the clog, preventing future issues and ensuring the longevity of your drain lines. We can clear even the toughest blockages without risking damage to your plumbing system.

Southeast Wisconsin’s Most Trusted Drain Block Preventative Products

While traditional chemical drain unblockers might provide a quick and inexpensive solution for minor clogs, use extreme caution. Many drain unblockers contain harsh chemicals. Older pipes, especially ones made of cast iron or galvanized steel, are most susceptible. 

Roto Rooter's Pipe Shield drain cleaner prevents future sink and shower drain clogging. Unlike traditional chemicals, our chemical compounds break down organic material only, saving your pipes. Pipe Shield is a safe and environmentally friendly solution. Ask us about purchasing a bottle of pipe shield today.

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