Clearing Doubts: Drain & Sewer Cleaning FAQs

Roto-Rooter’s Milwaukee drain cleaning service offers answers to your common drain and sewer line clearing issues. Our professionals have years of training and experience, rendering them capable of answering any drain clog-related question. For questions beyond the ones in this list please contact our Milwaukee drain unclogging experts.

Common sewer and drain questions & answers

FAQ Drain and Sewer Cleaning

I dropped and lost something down my drain. What do I do?

DON'T RUN THE WATER. Running your water is the absolute worst thing you can do at this point. Remain calm. If you cannot see the item or retrieve it yourself, call Roto-Rooter Milwaukee. We get there fast and retrieve the object quickly.

Drains clog at all hours of the day; do you provide 24-hour emergency service?

Yes. Roto-Rooter Milwaukee provides 24-hour-a-day, 7 days-a-week emergency drain cleaning services. Drains don't discriminate about the time of the day. They clog when the buildup dictates, and we come as soon as you call. Roto-Rooter technicians bring all the tools they'll need for the job, get it done quickly and clean up after themselves.

What's the difference between storm and sewer lines?

Storm drains are used to channel rainwater to nearby lakes, rivers and streams. Sewer lines, also called sanitary sewers, take wastewater from your home and send it to a municipal treatment plant. Both storm and sewer lines can clog.

How can I prevent future drain clogs?

For shower and bathtub drains, use a strainer to catch hair and soap pieces. For kitchen sinks, don’t send your cooking oils and meat fats down the drain! These can solidify. To properly dispose of fats and oils, place them in a sealing bag or container and discard them with your regular trash. Our West Allis sewer and drain experts also recommend coating your drainpipes once a month with 2 ounces of Roto-Rooter Pipe Shield.

Why did my drain clog?

Tiny particles, residues, hairs, oils and soaps can get down your drain and form buildups. When these accumulate slow drains and even total clogs can result. Roto-Rooter Pipe Shield offers a great preventative solution, but when it’s too late for prevention, call our Roto-Rooter Milwaukee Sewer and Drain experts for a prompt recovery.

Is it okay to apply Roto-Rooter Pipe Shield to a sink with a garbage disposal?

Absolutely. Pipe Shield is a highly effective drain clog preventative product using only natural enzymes that break down bio-degradable materials while leaving your garbage disposal unscathed.

Why did my washing machine drain clog?

Roto-Rooter has a lot of experience cleaning out washing machine drains. Soap, grease and lint buildups are the most common culprits. Filters don’t always catch everything.

What is high-pressure water jetting?

High-pressure water jetting is a technology Roto-Rooter will employ to clean drain lines. We’ll shoot a jet of water at high velocities down pipes to scrape substances off the sides and cut through tree roots and other debris.

I've got a fruit fly problem. Could this have something to do with my drain?

Yes. All of your plumbing should have water traps that form a seal by holding a little bit of water in a U-shaped bend. This water keeps smells and other things from coming up through your pipes. Larvae could be living in the standing water. Flush them out by sending a few gallons of hot water and a little bleach down any drains you think could be the culprit.

Multiple drains in my house are flowing very slowly. How do I unclog them?

You probably have a serious blockage in your main sewer or septic line. You’re beyond the point where a hand snake or drain cleaning product can help. Call Roto-Rooter Milwaukee sewer and drain technicians for fast and effective service.

How do roots get inside drains and pipes and what are the effects?

Certain piping materials can be pierced and invaded with tree roots, while others get in through tiny openings in older joints. You’ve seen what roots can do to cement, so it’s not hard to imagine the possible effects on your pipes. Once the roots start to grow inside your pipe, they begin to slow down your drain. Paired with incoming debris this will often cause a complete blockage. The name “Roto-Rooter” comes from the original machine invented to solve this problem. Our Milwaukee drain cleaning professionals will discover the source and location of your clogged pipes.

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