Uncover Backups Causes: Sewer Camera Inspections Near Milwaukee

At Roto-Rooter, we pinpoint sewer and drain problems using state-of-the-art sewer cameras. If backups or slow drains plague your Milwaukee area home, our professional video pipe inspections uncover the cause. Don't keep guessing about backup causes, Roto-Rooter provides accurate diagnoses for your peace of mind. We provide free quotes on sewer inspections.

Sewer camera inspection service in Milwaukee

Sewer Camera Services in Milwaukee

We insert a flexible, high-resolution waterproof camera into your pipes and drainage lines to thoroughly assess your underground sewer system. With real-time visuals and location recordings, we diagnose any intruding root growth, cracked pipes, blockages, leaks and other issues causing costly headaches. We identify issues that need repair BEFORE they require emergency replacement.

Signs of a Blocked or Clogged Sewer Line

Toilets, basins, baths or tubs slow to drain

Slow drainage in toilets, basins, baths, or tubs can reduce water flow significantly. For example, a slow-draining bathtub can take over 15 minutes to drain completely, whereas normal drainage might take around 5-7 minutes.

Toilets fill higher than usual or overflow

When a sewer line is blocked, toilets can fill higher than usual or even overflow. An overflowing toilet can release an average of 1.6 gallons (about 6 liters) of water per flush onto the bathroom floor.

Overflowing sewer access points such as manholes

Overflowing sewer access points like manholes can result in the release of a substantial volume of sewage. Manholes can hold thousands of gallons of wastewater, and an overflow can lead to a significant environmental and health hazard.

Gurgling noises in the sanitary drains

Gurgling noises in sanitary drains are auditory signs of potential sewer line blockages. These noises can occur when air is trapped in the blocked sewer line and is forced through water in the drain.

Gully traps or overflow relief gullies in your yard overflow when water is flushed or emptied from the house

When gully traps or overflow relief gullies in your yard overflow due to sewer line issues, they can release a noticeable amount of sewage. This can result in significant yard contamination, which may require costly cleanup and restoration.

Sewer line cleaner inspecting a Milwaukee homeowner's toilet
Fiber optic sewer camera inspections in Wisconsin

How Do Sewer Camera Inspections Work?

Roto-Rooters fiber optic sewer cameras have HD or 4K resolution, providing clear visuals of the inside of pipes. Some cameras can inspect pipes up to 300 feet or more, depending on the model and equipment required. During the inspection, the camera captures continuous footage, often at a rate of several feet per second. This results in hours of recorded video, depending on the length of the sewer line. Cameras can capture hundreds to thousands of images per minute, allowing for a detailed visual assessment of the pipe's condition. Depending on what’s needed, inspection reports typically include data on pipe diameter, material, length, and the presence of blockages or damage. These reports are generated based on the captured images and measurements.

Sewer Line Camera Inspections for Home Buyers

Most home buyers know the importance of inspecting a house's sewer and drain system. If the pipes are cracked, rusty or damaged, they should be repaired before closing on the house. Many homebuyers forget to check the house's sewer line, though. Houses 20 years old or older could have faulty or clogged sewer lines that may require costly repairs. 

According to the NAHB, the median age of owner-occupied homes is 40 years. A little less than half of the owner-occupied homes were built before 1980, with around 35% built before 1970. New construction added nearly 8.3 million units to the national stock from 2010 to 2021, accounting for only 10% of owner-occupied housing stock in 2021.

When buying a home, remember to have Roto-Rooter’s drain cleaning experts use a sewer line camera to inspect the building's sewer line for cracks, tree roots, and other problems. If any are found, negotiate with the seller about repairing them before you close on the house. Having Milwaukee's drain and sewer experts find out the pipes are about to collapse or that major tree roots are clogging your sewer line before buying the home can save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Always schedule a sewer line camera inspection from Roto-Rooter when putting in an offer for any older home in southeast Wisconsin.

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