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Grafton Drain Cleaning

Grafton Drain CleaningRoto-Rooter Milwaukee Provides Grafton Pipe Cleaning Solutions

The old, historic homes in Grafton are especially prone to suffer from slow drains and clogged toilets, thanks to tree roots penetrating old, outdated sewer laterals. Roto-Rooter Milwaukee is available to provide cleaning services and preventative solutions clogged drain pipes. 

After cleaning out the blockage, our technicians can use Pipe Shield and RootX to prevent tree roots from creeping back into your main sewage lines. All our preventative products are designed to eliminate roots in the pipe without harming the rest of the plant, keeping Grafton’s trees healthy and sewer lines clear. The Pipe Shield is a gentle organic formula, which attacks the blockage while leaving your pipes fully intact.

RootX coats the inside of your main sewage lines with a light herbicide to keep tree roots from taking hold again. Roto-Rooter Milwaukee turns severely clogged toilets and sinks into efficiently running appliances within minutes.

For old, gummed-up pipes and sewer lines we also offer waterjet clearing to blast grease and buildup. For old houses fiber optic sewer and drain camera inspections can also be useful to identify line damage and clogs. Thinking of a renovation or excavation project? Let us help you map out your sewer lines to ensure your project goes off without any messy surprises.

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Roto-Rooter is a full-service plumbing problem-solver, offering these services for both homeowners and businesses in Grafton:

  • Sewer/Drain Cleaning: From clogged toilets and sinks to obstructions in your sewer line, Roto-Rooter clears them all.
  • Sewer Line Location: We locate sewer lines on your property to avoid damage during renovation work that requires digging.
  • Sewer Camera Inspection: Using a small fiber-optic camera, Roto-Rooter can see inside your plumbing line to inspect for damage and clogs.
  • Drain Clog Prevention Products: Roto-Rooter offers a comprehensive line of plumbing-safe drain cleaning chemicals.
  • Sewer Jetting: High-pressure water jetting breaks up clogs and clears them from your plumbing line. 


Wisconsin's Top Clogged Drain Service

If you’re faced with a sudden crisis, Roto-Rooter offers 24/7 emergency services for both residential and commercial homes and buildings. If we're not already out on an appointment, we can have a crew on-scene, in Grafton, Wisconsin in less than an hour! We will get straight to work, and our crews can handle even the toughest of sewer clogs.

Unlike many local plumbers who show up when they feel like it, Roto-Rooter is all about speed and efficiency! We maintain our reputation by being speedy and dependable. In addition, your bill is often a fraction of the cost of even the cheapest area plumber!

Contact the Grafton drain clearing professionals at Roto-Rooter for emergency pipe unclogging service.
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