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Milwaukee's Plumbing is Clogged—

Plumbers vs Roto-Rooter: what do you need, really?

When considering this question, let’s think about your situation. Are you experiencing a problem? Is it simply time for your home or business to get new piping? Is your problem causing extraordinary amounts of damage in places other than your kitchen, bathroom, or other room with a sink or drain?

The following is a brief guide on which situations call for which services: 

When to Call a Plumber

  • Water spraying everywhere
  • New-building plumbing installation
  • Water damage on walls or ceilings
  • Low water pressure
  • Water won't stop running

When to Call Roto-Rooter

  • Slowly draining kitchen sink
  • Clogged bathtub/shower drain
  • Stopped up floor drain
  • Lost item down any drain
  • Almost any slowing of almost any drain

You’re spending way too much money if you’re calling a plumber for issues involving your drains. You may also end up needing a plumber if you try to use chemicals to clear stopped up drains on your own. Certain chemicals don’t interact nicely with certain materials, which could result in eroded pipes with holes along their entire length and you calling a plumber after all.

Common Drain Obstructions Include:

Tree Roots Out of Sewer DrainTree Roots Pumpkin Pulp Clogged SinkPumpkin Guts Potato Peels Clogged SinkPotato Peels
Wet Wipes Clogged ToiletWet Wipes Rice Keeping Drain CloggedRice Noodles Keeping Drain CloggedNoodles

Call Roto-Rooter Milwaukee instead of pouring chemicals down your drains willy-nilly or assuming you need a plumber. We have the knowledge and training required to clear your pipes of any obstruction. We’ve seen it all, so, trust us when we tell you not to be too embarrassed to call.

For you, it’s an emergency. For us, it’s just another day on the job.

Roto-Rooter for 24-Hour Emergency Drain Cleaning

Your drain rarely picks a convenient time to stop working. At Roto-Rooter Milwaukee, we’re staffed with an always-ready response team of drain cleaners, no matter what day or time your problem strikes, in Waukesha, Ozaukee, Milwaukee, and Washington Counties. NO ONE has more experience cleaning drains in Wisconsin. Simply call our 24-hour Wisconsin drain cleaners and Roto-Rooter will dispatch the nearest technician to fix your clogged or slow running drain, even on holidays.

Milwaukee Drain Cleaning
Milwaukee Drain Cleaning

Our high-quality Waukesha drain cleaning services are available 365 days per year. Feel free to contact us anytime for reliable emergency 24-hour drain cleaning services in Wisconsin.

Milwaukee and Waukesha County Services Include Line Televising

Roto-Rooter Milwaukee provides the best results in Waukesha drain cleaning services thanks to a staff of trained professionals equipped with the latest drain cleaning technologies. We utilize advanced fiber optic cameras to explore the depths of your drainage issue and get to its root. Our sewer line locating service ensures you aren’t digging into sewer lines and prevents needing costly repairs due to ignorant mistakes.

We precisely locate roots or blockages before proceeding with the best clearing option. Professional Roto-Rooter technicians offer expert advice on sewer line maintenance to keep your sewer systems functioning properly.

What is Water Jetting?

High-pressure water jetting is the preferred method of fighting through slow-running or clogged drains too stubborn to be cleared by snaking. Pressurized water blasts through stoppages, clearing away the grime and buildup all the way down to the piping.

Our Brookfield water jetting ensures completely clean drains and reduces recurrence of persistent clogs. Roto-Rooter drain cleaning technicians provide system maintenance advice to keep your drain pipes running without problems after our services are rendered.

Contact ButtonWe rest better knowing we've taken care of your drain problems.

Learn more about Milwaukee water jetting.

Conclusion: Call Roto-Rooter to Clear Clogged Drains!

For all Milwaukee drain cleaning services from Wauwatosa sewer cleaning to Whitefish Bay line televising, call Roto-Rooter for prompt, professional and effective drain cleaning services. Our service area includes Milwaukee, West Allis, Wauwatosa, Whitefish Bay, West Bend, Greenfield, Brookfield, New Berlin, Mequon, Muskego, Menomonee Falls, and the surrounding communities.

From toilets, to sinks, to bathtubs, there’s no clogged drain issue Roto-Rooter Milwaukee drain cleaners cannot resolve. We are true experts in determining the best course of action for fixing your slow running or stopped drain, and we’re always equipped with the necessary equipment for restoring your drains to working order. Roto-Rooter regularly succeeds where less-experienced Wisconsin drain cleaners fail, which is why our clients accept no less than placing their trust in one name: the OFFICIAL Roto-Rooter Milwaukee.

Service Areas Include:

Bay View Hartford Port Washington
Brown Deer Lisbon Richfield
Cedarburg Menomonee Falls Shorewood
Cudahy Mequon South Milwaukee
Delafield Merton St. Francis
Franklin Mukwonago Sussex
Germantown Muskego Waukesha
Glendale New Berlin Wauwatosa
Grafton Oak Creek West Allis
Greendale Oconomowoc West Bend
Greenfield Pewaukee Whitefish Bay

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