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Preventative Sewer Drain Cleaning Products

Our Milwaukee drain cleaning service shouldn’t be the only action you take for smooth running water: our regular maintenance with proven effective preventative clog products guarantees your drains flow performance for years after a cleaning.

Roto-Rooter Milwaukee provides an exclusive line of cleaning and clearing products which inhibit the initial build-up of material which can lead to clogs, backups, bursts, and worse.

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Milwaukee Drain Cleaning

We'll Handle the Hazardous Chemicals with Professional Care

safe drain cleaning products

We know the circumstances—your drain is clogged and you need a quick-fix solution because life doesn’t stop for your drain. That’s why most people seek out commercial-grade chemical drain cleaners, or unsafe drain cleaning alternatives, which can both be hazardous for you or your family, your pipes, or just downright ineffective and a waste of money.

Don’t gamble on big-store grade chemical drain cleaners that, often, won’t be certified safe for homes. Trust in Roto-Rooter Milwaukee’s chemical cleaning brand to get the job done with as little harm to your pipes as possible—controlled by professional hands.

Give Roto-Rooter a call and our technicians will be over, same-day, to use the right products to unclog and protect your pipes.

The Best Liquid Drain Cleaner is the One that Works

Roto Rooter Pipe Shield

By using Roto-Rooter Pipe Shield as little as once a month, you could prevent future sink and shower drain clogging.

Roto-Rooter Pipe Shield Instructions:

  1. Mix ¼ cup (or 2 ounces) of Pipe Shield with 4 cups of water (32 ounces)
  2. Pour solution into your drain and wait 24 hours
  3. Flush hot water down the drain for about 1 minute

One bottle can treat a single drain for over a 5-year period.

Roto Rooter Pipe Shield Cleans and Protects Drains

Damage Free Drain Cleaning

Attack your drain clogs, not your drain pipes. Our chemical compounds breakdown organic material to prevent harm to the pipe itself, unlike other chemical products that attack all material, including the metal in your pipe.

Pipe shield is made from patented non-toxic organic compounds, providing safe, environmentally friendly solution to your slow drain worries. Contact Roto-Rooter today to get your own bottle of Pipe Shield.


Roto-Rooter RootX

RootX Chemical Root Killer

Clear the roots in your clogged drain pipes without hurting the trees in your yard. Roto-Rooter RootX is EPA approved chemical compound that decomposes the tree roots within your pipe space without contaminating the whole tree or plants.

How it works:

  • The powder chemical combines with water to turn into a foam material which can safely expand in your pipe to combat root blockage at all levels.
  • The foam will hold for several days of preventive action.
Don’t let a clog be the end of your drain—contact Roto-Rooter Milwaukee for your preventive care chemical solutions. 
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