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Sewer Line Locating Milwaukee - Waukesha - Washington – Ozaukee

Expert Sewer Line Locators Milwaukee

Whether you’re mapping out a forthcoming renovation project or responding to a leaky pipe crisis, Roto-Rooter Milwaukee will locate your drainage lines promptly and precisely. Digging projects, in particular, require precise knowledge of your drain pipes' locations.

Our sewer line repairmen clearly convey their position to you and the people working on your property.

STOP! Emergency Drain Clearing Needed?

Milwaukee Drain Cleaning
Milwaukee Drain Cleaning

Roto-Rooter’s trained professional Milwaukee drain cleaners always arrive on schedule, in uniform, and equipped with the state-of-the-art line locating technology. We’ll map out exactly where your drain pipes are, providing exact depths so you can work around them for your landscaping or construction project.

Benefits of Sewer Line Locating


Roto-Rooter Sewer Line Locating

Truth is, by locating the sewer lines sprawled throughout your yard, we are saving you A LOT of money. If you start digging, or if you have some company start digging without first locating your sewer lines, they could hit a line, and you could end up with wastewater saturating your lawn and possibly your neighbors’ lawns as well. This is horrible for a few reasons: repairs, family health, and environmental health.

Family Health

Broken Pipe Hazard

Sewer water is unsanitary. If your entire yard and your neighbors’ yards are supersaturated with wastewater, there’s a good chance any children or animals playing out there will get sick. And that could last for weeks.

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Environmental Health

Septic Tank Overflow Killed Garden

An adverse effect on the growth of vegetation, animals, or any bacteria—less of the good and more of the bad—in the area can be seen when sewer pipes are hit and your yard fills with wastewater. All of this damage to your yard means it’s going to need a significant amount of time for natural recovery. It may take a period of time your neighbors are not willing to wait.

Yard and Sewer Line Repairs

Trenching Leaves Huge Mess

Hitting a sewer line and leaking water throughout your yard and the yards of your neighbors will end up being extremely costly when it could have been avoided with a simple call to Roto-Rooter Milwaukee for their line locating service. Repairing the damaged landscape and sewer lines of your own yard can cost thousands, maybe tens of thousands of dollars. Add the cost of your neighbors’ landscape to the total, and you won’t want to see the number.

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Preventative Measures Reduce Repair Costs

Call Roto-Rooter Milwaukee when you’re thinking about doing any sort of yard work involving digging. Depending on who did the initial plumbing and when they did it, your pipes may be dangerously close to the surface of your yard. We can feed a tiny camera down your pipes as well—sewer line televising—to see if there are any obstructions in your pipes and what those obstructions may be so we can formulate a plan of attack. Even planting a tree to help the environment may cause a majorly adverse effect on your yard if you hit a sewer line, gas line, or any other line for that matter. So remember to call Roto-Rooter Milwaukee to avoid costly repairs in the future.

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Milwaukee Sewer Line Location

Our tools can see the problems when eyes cannot: The Roto-Rooter Milwaukee drain cleaning professionals always arrive equipped with fiber optic camera technology. Advanced sewer line locating technology allows our Milwaukee plumbing specialists to find the source of your sewage problem without digging up the yard.

Roto-Rooter plumbers will map out the sewer line location with detailed pipe depth information to prevent accidental sewer line damage. If we come across trouble, you’ll receive expert advice on how to address any underground repairs. Professional Roto-Rooter Milwaukee plumbing tips will help you more easily maintain the sewage and drain systems.

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Milwaukee Drain Line RepairWaukesha Drain Cleaning Van

The primary benefit of our line locating services is the ability to pinpoint the location of your main sewer line. Whether your main sewer line is clogged, damaged or intact, knowing exactly where it is makes repair or landscaping work faster and safer.

Roto-Rooter plumbers provide a detailed sewage line map so you know exactly where and how deep the pipes are in the ground. This saves you from needless digging and potential damage.

We work carefully and diligently to provide the best Wisconsin drain line repair services. Roto-Rooter Milwaukee plumbers offer years of experience to guarantee the most efficient drain and sewer cleaning.

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Emergency Drain Unclogging in Milwaukee

We also provide 24-hour emergency drain cleaning services, including holidays, for your convenience.

Professional line locating services from an expert Milwaukee drain cleaner can eliminate the need to dig up your yard. Even when long segments of pipe have been damaged by tree roots or other sources, knowing the precise location of the problem area allows technicians to fix your pipe quickly. Contact a Roto-Rooter Milwaukee drain cleaning professional for more information.

Service Areas Include:

Bay View Hartford Port Washington
Brown Deer Lisbon Richfield
Cedarburg Menomonee Falls Shorewood
Cudahy Mequon South Milwaukee
Delafield Merton St. Francis
Franklin Mukwonago Sussex
Germantown Muskego Waukesha
Glendale New Berlin Wauwatosa
Grafton Oak Creek West Allis
Greendale Oconomowoc West Bend
Greenfield Pewaukee Whitefish Bay

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