Milwaukee Flood & Storm Damaged Sewer Repair

Milwaukee Flood & Storm Damaged Sewer Repair

Severe Storm Causes Major Flooding in Milwaukee 

A major storm moving through southeast Wisconsin knocked down hundreds of trees, caused thousands of power outages and flooded an untold number of basements throughout Milwaukee. Roto-Rooter can’t do much about downed trees or blackouts, but nobody fixes sewer problems better than we do. If your drains are backing up or your basement is flooded after a severe storm, contact Roto-Rooter Milwaukee, the best drain cleaners in Southeast Wisconsin for fast, reliable service.

Storm Damaged PlumbingExpert Drain Cleaners Clear Tree Roots and Repair Damaged Water Lines

All the rain and tree debris entering the storm and sewer lines after a major storm can cause serious problems. Blockages in main lines often filter back to the pipes and plumbing in homes, resulting in clogged drains and basement flooding. Different causes of flooding have different solutions. Roto-Rooter’s pipe cleaning experts can televise your pipes to see exactly what is wrong and treat it appropriately. Do not spend hundreds or thousands of dollars having an expensive plumber dig around your yard to figure out what is wrong. Roto-Rooter uses high tech equipment to provide affordable, reliable drain clearing and sewer repair service in Milwaukee.

Sewer Repair for Storm Damaged Pipes throughout Southeast Wisconsin

Homeowners around Milwaukee can turn to Roto-Rooter for help with their storm-damaged sewer. Our professional drain cleaners will use line locators and pipe cameras to find exactly where your damaged pipes are. Once we’ve established the location of the problem, Roto-Rooter will get to work repairing any damaged pipes without digging up your yard needlessly. Roto-Rooter Milwaukee's skilled technicians replace damaged pipes after digging only a few, small holes. Trust Roto-Rooter to repair any pipes damaged by falling trees or other storm damage without digging up your entire yard.

24/7 Emergency Post-Storm Sewer Services for Milwaukee Residents

When a major storm clogs drains and damages pipes in southeast Wisconsin, homeowners turn to Milwaukee’s Roto-Rooter for fast, economical pipe clearing. 24-hour emergency drain cleaning service is available to all residents in Milwaukee. Whenever your pipes are clogged or your basement floods, contact Roto-Rooter and your problems will quickly go down the drain.

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