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By Julie Collins, on Fox:

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — While Black Friday may be a hectic day for most retailers, it is also the biggest day of the year for plumbers.

This is not a typical day for Kent Kleiman. He and a team of 11 are on the go — answering calls about Thanksgiving dinner and the kitchen sink.

“People like to jam everything down there instead of throwing it in the garbage can, so they try to get rid of it through the garbage disposal and it usually comes back to them,” said Kleiman, with Roto-Rooter.

Kristen and Erick Hanson made that mistake. Instead of throwing the potato peels in the trash they went down the disposal — and that was a recipe for plumbing problems.

This was the first time the Hanson’s hosted Thanksgiving.

“The turkey was in the oven, cranberries on the stove and the sink just started to overflow,” said Kristen Hanson, homeowner.

The dirty dishes still piled up.

“There’s water going all over the kitchen and I’m just like, oh my God,” said Kristen.

This was supposed to be Kent’s day off.

“As long as the work is there, might as well take it,” said Kleiman.

The Hanson’s are grateful.

Roto-Rooter say on a normal day it unclogs 2 to 3 sinks, but today workers had more than 40 calls for service in just 3 hours of opening today.

Some advice, starchy foods and grease are big problems for the drains!

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