Wisconsin Drain Cleaning Holiday Pitfalls

Wisconsin Drain Cleaning Holiday Pitfalls

Milwaukee drain cleaners on “let it flow, let it flow, let it flow”.

Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas make for a perfect trifecta of clogged drains and calls to your West Allis sewer and drain expert. Avoid the headaches and the cost this year with some simple tips from Roto-Rooter Milwaukee drain cleaning experts.

Pumpkin pulp drain clogs

Pumpkin guts can kill your garbage disposal or toilet.  Every year millions of Americans carve pumpkins to make pies, jack-o-lanterns, and other decorations.  It’s tempting to do this in the kitchen sink where you can simply dispose of the stringy, slimy guts in the garbage disposal.  What people don’t think about with this practice is what happens when those guts wound around the garbage disposal blades and in the drain dry out.  Dried-out pumpkin guts equate to cement and we all know cement in a drain means a call to your Roto-Rooter Milwaukee drain cleaner.

Pumpkin guts in the toilet are no better and with the larger pipe of a toilet, you’ll just find the clog further down the line.  When carving pumpkins, you’re wisest move is to put the guts on newspaper and then dispose of them in the garbage or compost pile.  Make the most of your pumpkin guts and divide the seeds out for roasting.  You’ll not only have clean drains but you’ll have a tasty snack too.

Holiday guests are hard on the plumbing

The holidays mean more family gatherings and parties.  If you’re the host this year, consider posting some “rules” in your facilities to help prevent a call to Roto-Rooter Milwaukee.  Many homeowners don’t even realize they may have a slow drain in their homes.  The family’s traditional use of their slow-running drain may not be enough to tax the system to the point of problems.  When extra people arrive, these problems often rear their ugly heads, sometimes spelling disasters such as a main sewer clog or backup.

In older homes especially, avoid the long chain of consecutive showers and baths without a 10-minute break between.  This break allows slower drains to empty completely before getting bombarded with the next load of water.  Without this break, you may find yourself calling the Milwaukee drain cleaners hoping they resolve the problem before you have a backed-up septic system failure.  Along these same lines be conscious of the utilization of washers and dishwashers during the same time as showers and baths.  This too can contribute to a backed-up drain problem.

Down through the drain pipes with old St. Nick

Everything flushed down the toilet must be water-soluble. Cotton balls, cotton swabs, facial scrub pads, makeup remover pads, baby wipes and tampons can all cause major toilet clogs, ensuring a call to Roto-Rooter Milwaukee. Keep an eye on the little ones wanting to use half a roll of toilet paper per toilet flush, as this too will cause problems. It is not uncommon for a child’s toy to be the source of a clogged toilet.

Root vegetables can be the “root” of holiday drain problems

Almost every dish in traditional Thanksgiving meals is a potential drain clogger.  Celery, potato peels, fruit peels, sweet potatoes, turkey skin, rice and pasta all have either a stringy or sticky consistency.  These things wrap themselves up in the garbage disposal and/or create a substance too thick to drain away.  A major contributor to these things causing problems is the homeowner not running the disposal each time waste is put inside.  This leads to the disposal having too much waste and when the blades are finally run they can’t properly chop up the food and allow the water to drain the waste away.  If you don’t want to call Roto-Rooter Milwaukee drain cleaners this Thanksgiving make sure you run the garbage disposal each time something goes inside and let the water run long enough to push it through the drainpipe.

Holiday fat means clogged drains in Wisconsin

The holidays are notorious for high-fat cooking.  Butter, gravy, turkey and ham grease are all part of traditional feasts.  It can be tempting to simply pour these fats down the drain.  What homeowners don’t think about is what happens when fat cools further down the drain.  Just like coating your arteries, the fat will coat your pipes and eventually lead to drain clogs.  Avoid a call to your Milwaukee drain cleaning experts by simply pouring the fat into a can and disposing of it in your garbage.

Take the Bah-Humbug Out of Your Holiday Season with Clear Drains

The day after Thanksgiving is the busiest day of the year for Roto-Rooter Milwaukee drain cleaning services.  While we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, you probably would like to avoid having us join you on your holiday break. If however you need help unclogging your drains in Waukesha, Milwaukee, Ozaukee or Washington County, call us. When you have any other sewer and drain problems in Wauwatosa, New Berlin, Brookfield or Greenfield, our experts are here to help. We do not charge extra for nights, weekends or HOLIDAYS.

For top notch Milwaukee drain cleaning services call 414-541-4477 or schedule a visit from one of our Milwaukee drain and sewer experts by using our Roto-Rooter online contact form.
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