Dog stuck in sewer drain near Milwaukee

Roto-Rooter Cleans Unusual Clog from Sewer Drain

Roto-Rooter Can Rescue your Drain or Whatever Is In It

Did you hear about Roto Rooter rescuing a puppy trapped in someone’s drain? It seems the poor thing wandered into an uncapped sewer drain and got caught in a neighbor’s sewer pipe. Roto Rooter to the rescue!

Cleaning drains is what we do at Roto Rooter (not just rescuing puppies). Your Milwaukee Roto-Rooter professionals can rescue your plugged drains no matter what is blocking it. We have a tiny television camera used to inspect pipes. If it’s a tree root or some debris we’re clear it out. If it’s alive and kicking, we’ll ask what you want to do. Not too many sewer pipe residents are welcome in the house!

After televising your line, Roto-Rooter’s drain experts will use a cable machine to clean your pipe and clear your problem.

Sewer Line Blockage: Puppies aren’t the only problem!

Sewer Cleaners Rescue AnimalHave you ever thought about all the ways your sewer line can get clogged? Trust us, it isn’t usually a puppy down there. Your sewer line can be blocked for a lot of reasons. Here are some of the most common.

Problems with the main line. Blocked sewer lines can be caused by a main collapse, perhaps caused by tree roots or just old age. Our sewer inspection camera is the best way to diagnose any main line problems.

Plain old mud. This can come from anywhere: your driveway, gutter drains or run-off from yard waste. Unfortunately, mud does not clean itself. It sits in your pipes, accumulating until there is so much mud you have a serious blockage. Be sure to have your lines inspected and cleared out before the mud block gets too big.

Drain lines too narrow. This is common in older pipes. While Roto-Rooter can clear them out, it’s usually better to have them replaced. If you don’t, the pipes will keep clogging over and over, especially if there is a right-angle turn.

Tree roots. It’s common for a sewer line to be blocked by tree roots. You may love the tree, but you’ll hate the roots. Roto-Rooter can remove even the largest tree root from your sewer line and use special chemicals to prevent the roots from returning.

Food waste. Just because the food goes through the garbage disposal doesn’t mean it has cleared the drain line. Foods with a lot of fiber (like banana peels, corn husks, celery, etc.) are especially prone to clog pipes. Minimize the risk of a clogged sewer line by running cold water for a couple of minutes after you use the disposal.

Grease. Grease will clog pipes, even if you rod out the line to clear it. The only sure way to clear a pipe clogged with grease is to have Roto-Rooter use a water jet to remove all of it once and for all.

Sagging pipes. When soil freezes and thaws, it can cause pipes to sag. If water sits in the pipe, it can freeze and temporarily block the line. Having Roto-Rooter televise the line will let you know exactly what’s wrong with your sewer line and what you need to do.

Improper waste. You toilet and its sewer lines are specifically designed to carry human waste and toilet paper. Don’t flush anything else. Things like diapers, paper towels or other similar items will clog your line.

Find Out What’s Clogging Your Sewer Line

Clogs are a symptom of other problems and while lines can be cleared, you should take care to discover the actual cause for the blockage. Chances are, a puppy isn’t what’s clogging your sewer line. Milwaukee Roto-Rooter professionals will find out exactly what the problem is, clear it and help you prevent clogs in the future. Milwaukee trusts Roto-Rooter to find permanent solutions to blockage problems.

Contact Milwaukee’s sewer drain cleaning experts at Roto-Rooter to remove the puppy, tree roots or anything else clogging your lines.
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