Tree Root Removal from Milwaukee Sewer Lines

Tree Root Removal from Milwaukee Sewer Lines

Will lye, bleach or other chemicals at home dissolve tree roots?TreeRootsSewerDrain

Short answer:

The 3 Best Methods of Tree Root Removal


1: Cut out tree roots with water jetting

Water Jetting is the most effective way to remove roots quickly and safely. Water jetting is optimal because you can cut through thick roots and target clogs with pinpoint accuracy preventing any pipe damage. After removal, the surrounding area of the clog will remain hydrated and undamaged.

Where can I find water jetting?

Leading the industry in quality since 1941, Roto-Rooter has built a reputation as the best service for clogging and flooding issues across the country. Roto-Rooter technicians begin by using a machine to cut through the initial layer of roots. The technicians will follow up with powerful water jetting to remove the roots in high density areas and restore proper water flow.

Call 414-541-4477 or contact your local Roto-Rooter location.

2: Apply non-caustic chemicals to prevent growth


Killing the roots in your pipes is only half the battle. Whether your trees are like the big, old trees in Elm Grove or the young, new trees in Franklin, they will send more roots right back into your sewer line if steps are not taken to prevent them from returning.

You could cut the troublesome tree down entirely, but this is expensive. Instead, Roto-Rooter uses EPA approved preventative products to dissolve tree roots without contaminating the whole tree or surrounding plants.


3: NEVER use Bleach or Other Chemicals

Never, ever, ever, do this unless you want to DAMAGE THE ENVIRONMENT and DESTROY YOUR PIPES!

Lye, bleach and salt might seem like great, inexpensive ways to remove tree roots from a sewer line, but they have major drawbacks:

  • They’re not effective. Homemade root killers can flow past the target or crystalize, adding to the clog. When they do reach the roots, they may also kill the tree itself and even nearby grass and plants.
  • They’re dangerous. Lye and bleach can lead to serious chemical burns on the skin, in the eyes and in the respiratory system if not handled properly with full protective gear.
  • They’ll kill your pipes. Lye and bleach are corrosive. Salt speeds up the corrosion process. Instead of protecting your pipes, they damage the metal, leading to future plumbing issues.

To remove tree roots from your sewer line effectively, it’s best to call a professional. Saving a buck today might cost you 10 tomorrow. Tree root removal experts such as Roto Rooter can fix your sewer line the right way.

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