Catch Basin Cleaning, Maintenance and Repair in Milwaukee

Catch Basin Cleaning, Maintenance and Repair

Clogged Storm Drain MilwaukeeWhat is a Catch Basin?

A catch basin is a part of a drainage system designed to hold excess water during a heavy rainstorm or flood. Catch basins are found in the flattest, lowest areas of a municipality’s perimeter, preventing flooding in low areas. Catch basins are usually found along sidewalks, in parking areas, in parks and on streets.

A catch basin is a large diameter pipe covered with a large grille or grate called a curb inlet. When heavy rainfall occurs, the excess water drains into these catch basins, relieving the low-lying area of excessive water and eliminating the risk of flooding.

If your catch basin gets clogged with leaves, litter and debris, your property is at risk for flooding, so it's important to get your catch basin cleaned on a regular basis. Roto-Rooter Milwaukee is your best source for catch basin cleaning and maintenance.


Professional Catch Basin Cleaning Services in Southeastern Wisconsin

Preventing catch basin clogs is easy with regular inspection and drain cleaning services. The EPA suggests an annual inspection of catch basins to determine if catch basin cleaning is needed. Periodic grate and grill cleaning and regular cleaning of the bottom of the storm basin are recommended focuses of catch basin maintenance. 

Roto-Rooter Milwaukee drain cleaners are ready to assist you in keeping your catch basins and storm drains clean.  Call us today at 414-541-4477!
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