Parking Lot Catch Basin and Laterals Cleaning in Wisconsin

Parking Lot Catch Basin and Laterals Cleaning

Roto-Rooter Commercial Drain Cleaners Unclog Storm Drains and Catch Basins

Clogged Catch Basin

Whether it’s leaves, shopping bags or other items stuck in your parking lot’s storm drain, the result is the same: flooding. A flooded parking lot is a safety hazard and can lead to premature asphalt failure. Instead of letting the debris build up and start overflowing or severely clogging your sewer drain, call Roto-Rooter for a catch basin inspection.

Line Televising Cameras Inspect Laterals

Besides just looking in the catch basin to see if the sump is full, Milwaukee Roto-Rooter can use our remote television cameras to inspect the lateral lines. They can often become clogged with debris. The best way to make sure your parking lot will not flood again after cleaning the sump is making sure the laterals are open and allowing water to flow. Our cameras let us find where the problem is and, more importantly, what is causing the water backup so we can clear it out properly.

Water Jets and Roto-Rooter Machines: Two Great Tools for Two Different Jobs

All of Milwaukee Roto-Rooter’s vans are equipped with our patented Roto-Rooter machines and high power water jets. If we discover tree roots, bags, leaves or other debris built up in your parking lot’s lateral system, we’ll use the Roto-Rooter machine. Its special cutting blades are perfect for removing most foreign objects from any kind of drain pipe. If there’s grease or other thick sludge in the pipe, we also have high pressure water jets for cleaning it out quickly and thoroughly.

Keeping your parking lot’s catch basin and lateral lines clean will prevent flooding and extend the life of the paved surface. Be sure to have Milwaukee Roto-Rooter inspect your laterals to keep storm water flowing down the drain.

Contact the parking lot drain lateral cleaners at Milwaukee Roto-Rooter to keep your parking lot free of flooding.
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