Wisconsin Septic Tank Backing Up

Septic Tank Backing Up?

Roto-Rooter Clears Sewer and Septic Lines

Septic Tank Disaster

Homes in Wisconsin's lovely countryside usually have private septic tanks instead of city sewer connections. Septic tank lines, just like municipal sewer laterals, can clog, causing serious backflows. The causes, signs and symptoms of a septic line clog are quite similar to those of a plugged sewer lateral. Usually, a foreign object like a toy, sanitary pad or rag gets stuck in the pipe, preventing the flow of water. Tree roots invading the external pipes also clogs lateral and lines. Regardless of the cause, the results are the same: sinks, tubs and toilets are slow to empty and you may even experience flooding from the backflow.

Understanding How Your Septic Tank Works

Inside your home, there's not much difference between how a sewer and septic system work. You put water down the drain and it moves through the plumbing and out of the house into a large pipe leading away from your home. Once it's outside the house, there are big differences between a sewer and septic system. City sewers take all the waste and water to a central treatment facility. A septic system, however, holds the water in a large tank buried in your yard, where bacteria naturally breaks down the waste. As new water enters the system, water already in the tank is flushed out into a drain field, where it enters the water cycle again.

Cameras Ensure Septic Pipes Are Clean

The Roto-Rooter machines we use to clean sewer laterals also unclog septic system plumbing. Thick tree roots and all manner of foreign objects are no match for the powerful action of our patented devices. Once we're done snaking your drain, we can use our cameras to check your septic tank’s lateral line and make sure it's not damaged or failing.

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